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    Our Million-Dollar Crowdfunding

    Our Million-Dollar Crowdfunding

    Josens Projects Sdn Bhd (“Josens”) is a food technology company revolutionizing the food industry through the manufacture and supply of future superfoods with microalgae (globally recognised as the healthiest food source) as its core ingredient.

    Josens’ unique proprietary product, the ‘All 45 Essentials’ is a microalgae based powder which caters for all 45 food essentials required to sustain a healthy human life in just the right proportions. 


    Who We Are

    Josens is the fully owned subsidiary and operational arm of Algae International Bhd (“AIB”). Josens’ business involves the manufacturing and production of microalgae-based food products. Josens is the global licensee of AIB’s proprietary technology1 of growing clean microalgae in closed photobioreactor (PBR) systems and the ‘All 45 Essentials’ formula.

    AIB is focused on R&D in microalgae production technology through closed photobioreactor systems (PBR). AIB’s unique PBR technology has been validated by several key research organisations including NASA2 and the Weizmann Institute of Science. 


    The 45 Food Essentials

    There are 47 essentials for life, being water, oxygen and the 45 food-based essentials made up of 9 amino acids, 13 vitamins, 20 minerals and 3 essential oils. Low levels of any of these essentials lead to disease and in severe cases, death. 

    Once we have all 45 food essentials, our immune system naturally strengthens and our bodies are able to self-heal with minimal medical intervention. Food intake and excessive eating is also minimised as our bodies are able to obtain all 45 food essentials in just the correct proportions necessary to sustain an optimum and healthy lifestyle.

    What We Do

    The Challenge

    Burden of Obesity on Healthcare



    • There is currently no product available on the market which caters for all the 45 food-essentials. The only way for anybody to obtain all 45 food essentials and at sufficient levels, is by consuming nutritionally imbalanced foods or over-eating, which can lead to its own fair share of health problems such as obesity.

    • Nutritional deficiencies in any of the 45 food essentials lead to high risks of developing metabolic syndrome (“MetS”) which is the precursor for a variety of all other health problems such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and depression.1 

    • According to the International Diabetes Federation, the level of MetS  varies between 20 to 25% in Europe, China and Indonesia and higher in others with India about 30% and USA about 35%. Malaysia stands at 32.2%.2 

    • Another issue faced globally is the mass factory style production of food which is not sustainable in the long run due to our fast depleting land and water resources. Further, mass-produced food contains pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, growth enhancers and additives, preservatives, and other ingredients which are harmful to our body.

    Our Solution



    The Product 

    • At Josens, we believe that our product, the ‘All 45 Essentials’ will revolutionize the food industry by being the food-source available on the market which caters for all the 45 food based essentials in its optimized proportions.  

    • The ‘All 45 Essentials’ is currently available in powder form for ease of consumption, as well as a base for integration into other foods. The core ingredient of the ‘All 45 Essentials’ is microalgae, which is globally recognized as the healthiest and most diverse food source on earth.  

    • By consuming ‘All 45 Essentials’ in its recommended daily proportions, we are able to optimize our immune system and our bodies’ abilities to self-heal naturally. More importantly, we are also able to avoid the health problems associated with nutritional imbalances / deficiencies and excessive food intake as mentioned above. 

    • Further, unlike most microalgae based products currently in the market, Josens is able to incorporate exceptionally clean microalgae without any unpleasant smell / taste into the ‘All 45 Essentials’ due to AIB’s proprietary technology in microalgae production (as discussed below). 

    The All 45 Essentials can be used as a base to develop other food products without affecting their taste and smell, thereby making a large part of the food chain much healthier. 


    All 45 Essentials Powder

    Josens is manufacturing and marketing the All 45 Essentials Powder.

    In addition, Josens has identified several OEM partners to develop other products based on the basic All 45 Essentials.

    The following range of products are being developed or improved:

    All 45

    Why Are We Different

    Microalgae technology

    • Currently, over 99% of global microalgae is produced in open raceway ponds, which face cleanliness problems and are limited to only growing about a dozen out of a few hundred thousand species. AIB has opened up the vast potential of microalgae, the largest plant genetic base, by perfecting its technology of growing hundreds of thousands of microalgae species and producing clean biomass competitive with current agriculture.

    • This unlocks the full potential of economically grown microalgae at a scale which was not possible before. AIB and Josens have no competitors in respect of their current level of technology, low capital and running costs.

    • By incorporating AIB’s PBR technology into their waste discharge systems, AIB is able to develop cyclic industries for these palm oil mills and soya processing plants by converting their effluents into biogas to produce electricity, whilst also producing large quantities of microalgae to be used by Josens at a very economical rate.

    • These not only have huge environmental impact in addressing water shortages and pollution in the country, but are also of great value from a food-source perspective given that microalgae has the potential to replace most current agriculture as well as provide high protein alternatives and supplements to meat.

    • Due to Malaysia's tropical climate, microalgae can be grown very quickly (within a harvest cycle of 3 days) and at large varieties, which combined make microalgae potentially the most complete food source, ideal for boosting the economy.  

    Our Revenue Model

      Business Model Target Market
    B2C Josens Health Club Membership

    To drive membership campaigns starting with Malaysia, Singapore,
    Australia, US and Canada.

    Introduce products to Vegans and Flexitarians.

    Online Sales Platform:
    Expanding list of market starting with Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, US and Canada
    B2B Distributors
    Corporates in an expanding list from Malaysia, Australia and Canada. Letters of agreements secured.

    Our Market Opportunity

    Josens has the exclusive global licensee rights to:

    • The ‘All 45 Essentials’ formula with microalgae as its central ingredient.

    • The farming of microalgae through AIB’s proprietary closed PBR systems and modular microalgae farming technology. This ensures that the microalgae used in Josens’ ‘All 45 Essentials’ are of the highest quality and cleanliness whilst keeping costs at its minimum. 

    Josens‘ products have major potential in the global wellness economy which was growing annually at 6.4% before Covid-19. In just a few months following Covid-19, health foods have seen a major spike in demand1 as the importance of healthy living and developing a strong immune system becomes increasingly recognized.



    Market Opportunity

    Source: GWI Global Wellness Economy Monitor 2018,


    Containing the risks of Epidemics

    As statistics begin to show that the effects of Covid-19 differ from individual to individual with only 10% of infectees required to be hospitalized, the importance of developing a healthy immune system is more evident than ever. 

    We believe that the ‘All 45 Essentials’ will be key in containing the risks of Covid-19 and other Epidemics (past, present or future), due to its role in the strengthening of our immune system.

    Our Strategy



    Product Development in Phases


    Phase 1

    May 2020 to December 2020

    1. All 45 Essentials Powder in 30 gm sachets - different fruit extract a natural sweetener suitable for diabetics. 

    2. All 45 Essentials and 30gm sashes for vegans and flexitarians.

    3. All 45 Essentials healthy meal bars in three different varieties.

    4. All 45 Essentials cake mix including for diabetics.

    5. All 45 Essentials chocolates including for diabetics.

    6. All 45 Essentials with Tiger nut powder.

    The above have been tried and tested with OEM partners.

    Phase 2

    November 2020 to June 2021

    1. All 45 Essentials party bites – chips and Papadom

    2. All 45 Essentials healthy jellybeans for children

    3. Algae face mask for acne and pigmentation using natural ingredients

    Our team is in the midst of doing R&D with OEMs

    Phase 3

    April 2021 to December 2021

    1. All 45 Essentials healthy vegetarian burgers for vegans and flexitarians

    2. Milk replacement from algae

    3. Algae feed for lab grown meat

    4. Blue pigment extract from algae

    5. Protein powders from algae

    Discussions with interested parties ongoing


    Short Term

    • Develop the microalgae farm at the Serunding Palm Oil Mill, Sabah to grow microalgae for the ‘All 45 Essentials’.

    • Establish and operate the Josens Health Maintenance Club with our Partners

    • Start manufacturing commercial products from the microalgae produced. The initial products to be manufactured mostly using contract manufacturers in Malaysia

    The backbone of our marketing will be through a commercial website, customizable to each market and with local presence which will be supported by affiliate marketers, on-the-ground marketing, talks, discussions and education / awareness campaigns. This will be supported by selected retail marketing outlets and sub distributors in each market. In Malaysia, small scale sales have commenced, whilst strong marketing personnel in North America, Malaysia and Australia have been identified. 


    Medium Term 

    • A farm to grow microalgae species to produce β-Carotene, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Eicosahexaenoic (EPA) is under planning. These are Business to Business products and several potential customers have been contacted and are interested.

    • There are several groups, many with multiple locations, in countries outside of Malaysia interested in the type of microalgae farm projects we set up to mitigate their waste problems. These will allow the company to grow and market valuable microalgae species along with their downstream products.


    Long Term 

    • There will be continuous growth of microalgae farms and an increasing range of products from them globally while helping other industries mitigate their effluent problems.

    • These will be set up as fast as it is prudent. 

    • Josens’ holding company, AIB is working towards public listing within 5 years, with all investors of Josens being offered the opportunity to become ordinary shareholders in AIB prior to its listing (see details in the Term Sheet).


    Our Achievements


    AIB was awarded a Techno-Fund grant of RM 1,046,000 by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2008.


    AIB was awarded Bionexus status in 2011. This has many advantages including 10 years tax free status.


    AIB was awarded an innovation certificates 1-InnoCERT, twice in 2011 and in 2014 by SME Corp.


    AIB was awarded a grant of RM 400,000 by SME Corp in 2014.

    Indicative Usage of Funds

    Use of Funds


    Financial Projections

    3-Year Revenue Projections (in RM)

    Revenue Projection


    Josens’ profits are set to expand exponentially due to AIB’s proprietary closed PBR systems which produces high quality microalgae at substantially lower cost.


    Jag Kaurah

    Chief Executive Officer

    50 years of experience in many areas of innovation. Designed the Modular Microalgae farming Technology and created the All 45 Essentials formula. Successfully implemented innovative projects from Phosphoric Plants to Solar Projects and many more.

    Nutrient Rich Super Food

    Contains all the essential nutrients the body neeeds. Considered the super foods of the future

    Balanced Protein & Fibre

    Scientifically formulated to balance the protein and fibre content to builds muscle and regaulate the digestive system

    Amino Acids

    Packed with 9 different amino acids for creation and build muscle, connective tissue and skin. Helps healing and repair of damaged tissue

    Vitamins & Minerals

    Packed with 13 Vitamins and 20 Minerals to keep all the different organs of the body functioning properly