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    Our Revolutionary "NASA"-used technology

    Our Revolutionary

    Early works & Algae Industry

    The US Government had become so convinced of the potential of microalgae that it funded a 20-year program, 1976 to 1996, to grow microalgae for biodiesel production. The final report was published in 1998 Sadly, this program led to a number of misleading conclusions such as:

    1. The raceway pond system is the best way to produce microalgae;
    2. Limitation of the raceway pond – could only grow a handful of species out of hundreds of thousands
    3. Closed systems which can grow all species are unlikely to be economic ever

    This large research effort became known as “The Bible of the Microalgae Industry”


    Patent and NASA, Revolutionising Research & Groundbreaking Solutions

    Our founder, Jag’s first patent for the floating bed method was published by the World Intellectual Property Organisation on Sept 4th 2008. 

    Jag’s patent totally contradicted the “The Bible of the Microalgae Industry” and demonstrated a low cost closed system. 

    There was a really great global reaction, fully validating Jag’s work. Within months many research groups, around the World, tried out Jag’s system including NASA, as seen here


    Current Research: 

    Jag has continued to develop leading-edge technology to grow microalgae in clean closed systems. Jag’s objective is to make microalgae so competitive that normal agriculture would start changing to be microalgae-based.

    The good news is that after 15 years of major work, ups and downs, sweat and tears, the Holy Grail has been reached – microalgae can now compete with normal agriculture. Now microalgae can help with climate change and human health as they are the healthiest food source too. 

     Algae International Bhd (100% owner of Josens Health Engineers)

    Algae International Bhd (AIB) is at the forefront of developing technology to grow and process microalgae. Algae International Bhd(AIB) ’s claim to fame is that we have been doing research on microalgae for over 15 years.

    • Have changed the global thinking on how microalgae can be grown in closed photo bioreactors (PBR) instead of open raceway ponds. Currently almost all microalgae are grown in open raceway ponds which are limited in the number of species it can grow (only about a dozen out of a few hundred thousand species) and the product is not clean.

    • As far as we are aware, there is no other group that has successfully grown commercial scale microalgae in any tropical country out in the open using sunlight. This has very major implications. Tropical areas are the best for growing microalgae, have lower cost and microalgae can be grown year round.

    • In benchmarking globally the lowest cost of PBR systems were found in India followed by China. The Indian PBR is 4 times the cost per M3 of culture when compared to the AIB PBR. Also the operating cost of the AIB PBR is substantially lower than any other known PBR system. The AIB PBR economics are so transformative that it has a globally transformative potential for agriculture.

    AIB can grow microalgae in closed clean systems at a lower cost than anyone else when benched marked with other closed photo bioreactors (PBR) used by global players. Since the microalgae are not grown in open raceway ponds, they are a lot cleaner. Since the microalgae are cleaner with no fishy or unpleasant smell and taste, the microalgae can be incorporated into everyday food. The key differences are; cost, a vastly expanded variety of possible products and cleanliness.

    Tropical areas are heavenly into grow microalgae, it’s their ideal environment year round. When we combine that with low costs, the vast choice of what to grow and the AIB technology, it creates the conditions for a paradigm shift. AIB technology has the potential to fundamentally change agriculture. Just take a few examples - protein powders, microalgae protein is way superior to current sources of protein powders like whey and is on par with egg white protein and importantly our system can produce microalgae protein competitive with whey.

    The same can be said of so many things like replacing fish sourced omega 3 with superior omega 3 from microalgae. In essence our technology can be used to produce exceptionally clean microalgae to produce healthy food ingredients and food which has the potential to fundamentally change health and the agricultural industry. Just to indicate a bit of our credentials, our founder’s first patent was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization on Sept 4th 2008 -

    Image of Floating Bed Method

    Image of Floating Bed Method

    AIB had long plastic bags on the sea, not as pretty as the NASA illustration below but real. There was a really great global reaction fully validating Jag’s work. Within months many research groups around the world tried out Jag’s system including NASA.

    Since then AIB has developed more systems that have better economics. There can be many more projects based on AIB technology. Now, AIB with Josens Health Engineers wants to create a global movement and wants all good people to join and to use microalgae as nutritional food.



    (Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae)


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